In parish survey a few months ago, some people asked specific questions about what it will be like to resume in-person worship during the pandemic. Here are a few questions and answers.


Q: Will windows and doors be kept open during the service to maximize fresh air circulation?
A: The windows in the nave do not open, and the west doors cannot be left open during service because of street noise.

Q: Is there any way we can help clean the church after the service so as to not accrue the expense of a cleaning company having to come in and clean?
A: A cleaning service will be used in order to ensure a professional quality job of cleaning. A very reasonable price has been negotiated.

Q: If a Sunday is oversubscribed, would those who were unable to be accommodated have first dibs the next Sunday?
A: Yes, they would be given priority for the following Sunday.

Q: With no nursery, children can come but stay in the pew with parents?
A: Yes, children may attend and stay in the pew with parents.

Q: What about those who can’t wear masks?
A: Everyone at the service must wear a mask. Anyone who cannot wear a mask should stay home and access online services provided by the Diocese.

Q: Can people stand at the back if they maintain physical distance during the service?
A: No one will be allowed to stand at the back, even if distancing. Everyone will be asked to be seated and to maintain physical distance.

Q: Will the YouTube service continue?
A: That’s our goal, but in a new format that will be released late in the week and look forward to Sunday’s worship.